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Our baby is due in March 2015, so we’re busy planning for her arrival.  One of my wife’s “must haves” is a carseat canopy so that the baby can sleep quietly while we’re out and about.  So, like any true sports fan, I searched for something team-related to get.  Shh, don’t tell my wife!

Carseat Canopies NFL 2014 banner

What NFL teams are available?

Not every NFL team is available right now, but there are plenty to choose from:

Plus, there are many boys, girls, and neutral designs to choose from that aren’t football related.

How do I order a Carseat Canopy and get the $50 discount?

To order, click on this link, then use the promo code “FlyToTheGame2014” to get $50 off your order!  Most of the carseat canopies are either $49.95 or $59.95, so the total cost to you is $0 to $10, plus shipping.

Use Promotion Code FlyToTheGame2014 TODAY!

When you order, you’ll also be offered the opportunity to buy up to 2 more for $10 each (or $20 for the NFL versions).  We like having extras available for when one needs to be washed… and they make great gifts!

Carseat Canopies 2 more for $10 each

They will often suggest an upgrade for a discounted price as well, so consider those upgrades if they make sense for you.

Shipping costs run $15 for normal shipping, up to $35 if you want overnight delivery.


If you’re a sports fan with a baby, or you know someone who is, then order a NFL carseat canopy with your favorite team on it.  If you don’t like any of the teams available, then there are many other attractive designs to choose from.  And, with the option of additional canopies for $10 each, this is a sweet deal.


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