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I came across an interesting article from NerdWallet that quantified how much ticket prices change for baseball games based upon which visiting team was in town.  To me, Major League Baseball is much more fun to watch and experience in person, than watching it on TV.  Are you planning on going to any games this year?

How NerdWallet describes their process

NerdWallet analyzed the numbers to help navigate the world of ticket prices on the secondary market. Using data from ticket search engine TiqIQ, we calculated the impact each team has on the average resale ticket prices for away games. In other words, this amount determines how big a draw each team is on the road — and how much more, or less, than average the fans are willing to pay to see a team.

We also compared ticket prices with team success in the past three seasons to identify the best values on the road and at home to find the teams that offer the best mix of quality baseball and below-average ticket prices.

Which teams lower or raise the prices of a game

MLB Ticket Prices: Best and Worst Road Draws of 2015


NerdWallet Findings

The Boston Red Sox cause the greatest increase in ticket prices in baseball, with tickets increasing 61%.

The best deal in baseball is to watch the Atlanta Braves on the road.  The cost to see a Braves’ victory is the lowest of any team.

The Cubs are the worst deal in baseball.  They only have a 41% win percentage, yet have the 2nd highest average home ticket price at $113 and the 4th highest average ticket price on the road.  The misery continues for Chicago Cubs’ fans.


Use this data to pick wisely when considering which games you want to attend.  Who is playing DOES affect the prices of tickets.  To see the rest of the story from NerdWallet, go here.  Have fun at the games this year!

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